Moj Gallery photo foundation, stablished by Nader Sharifi and Pouneh Mehrtash, aim to recognise and contest high level photographs round the world, and to esteem and represent a breakthrough for talented photograpers.

We believe in the power of one image more than hundreds of words in story telling.

So, Moj Gallery is the name, right? But what exactly is a Moj?

We’re so glad you asked!

Both Pouneh (Mim) and Nader (our founders ) are Persians. When they got together, to collaborate on this fabulous project, they needed a name for it.

This name needed to reflect their ideals about this twice-yearly competition – freshness, vitality and the fact that it’s an exhibition. In the Persian language ( known as Farsi ),  Moj e Aval means ‘First Wave’, but day-to-day speaking has shortened it to just Moj.  And with these competitions being an exhibition of outstanding talent across the world, where do you show off this talent? 
In a gallery, of course ………….. and  Moj Gallery   was born.

So, now you know!